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Delivery and conditions

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The JAPAN RAIL PASS offers great value for money if you are planning to travel round the country.
Please order your Japan Rail Pass in plenty of time to allow delivery of the Rail Pass Exchange Order before your departure.
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The Japan Rail Pass and Regional Passes are basically intended for non-Japanese nationals who are visiting Japan for tourism.
However, Japanese nationals living outside Japan are allowed to use the Japan Rail Pass and JR Kyushu Pass, provided they have permanent resident status abroad or are married to a non-Japanese national living outside Japan.
If you are a young person up to the age of 22 who is allowed to hold both Japanese and another passport, the simplest solution is to enter the country with your non-Japanese passport, which should be stamped with ‘Temporary Visitor’ status by Immigration on arrival in Japan. This will allow you to use the Japan Rail Pass and all Regional Rail Passes.
Note that simply presenting a passport from a country other than Japan (with no temporary visitor stamp) when you present the Rail Pass Exchange Order to obtain the Japan Rail Pass IS NOT SUFFICIENT PROOF of residence in a foreign country.
Written evidence of your eligibility for the Rail Pass (ie. residency outside Japan or marriage to a non-Japanese national resident outside Japan) will be required in Japan when presenting the Rail Pass Exchange Order.
For Japanese resident in the UK, please be sure to take with you and present at the Travel Service Centre:
If your eligibility depends on permanent residency outside Japan:
– Proof of residency: “Indefinite leave to remain” or “Indefinite leave to enter” in the UK stamped in Japanese passport.
– Proof of residential address in the UK (eg. utility bill, showing the name of the person applying for the Rail Pass).
If your eligibility depends on marriage to a non-Japanese national:
– proof of marriage with a non-Japanese national (a Japanese translation is not necessary).
– Proof of residential address in the UK (eg. utility bill, showing the name of the person applying for the Rail Pass).
– Proof of residential address in the UK of spouse (eg. utility bill, showing the name of spouse).
See our “Eligibility and document check” (pdf).
The conditions specified by Japan Railways vary according to country of residence.
For Japanese residents of another country, please contact us.
All required documentation should be taken to Japan, as it should be shown at the Travel Service Centre when presenting the Rail Pass Exchange Order.
The final decision to grant a Japan Rail Pass or JR Kyushu Pass depends on the authority of the JR Group (ie. the staff of the Travel Service Centre where you are presenting the Exchange Order). We are unfortunately unable to intervene on your behalf. So we ask you to check the above points carefully before your purchase, and ensure that you take the correct documentation with you.


パスの引き換えの際には「短期滞在」の在留資格をご提示頂く事になりますので、日本のパスポートではなく外国籍のパスポートで入国してください。 日本国籍のパスポートで入国した際は、パスの引き換えはできません。

A 外国の永住権を持っている場合

2) 「永住権確認リスト」(下記)上、灰色の国の場合、 日本国の在外公館が発行する「在留証明書」(但し在留期間が5年以上のものに限る)の提出が必要です。
永住権確認リストに掲載されている国であれば、更新が必要な永住資格に ついても、永住資格とみなし利用資格者とします。

B 日本国外に居住する外国人と結婚している場合

・本人が日本国外に居住していることを証明する書類 (日本国大使館 発行の証明書や、電話代・光熱費の請求、税金の納付、学校の証明書等、在外 公共機関の発行した証明書等)
・配偶者(外国人)が日本国外に居住していること(日本国大使館発行 の証明書、電話代・光熱費の請求、税金の納付、学校の証明書等、在外公共 機関の発行した証明書等)

within UK Collect from our office free
Royal mail 1st class free
Special delivery (next day) if order received by 1pm Mon-Thu £ 8
Special delivery (Saturday) if order received Thu pm – 1pm Friday £ 12
courier delivery £ 30
to Europe Normal airmail delivery Please allow at least 1 week £ 2
Courier delivery £ 40
to Rest of World Normal airmail delivery Please allow at least 2 weeks £ 5
Courier delivery £ 40

All orders for the Japan Rail Pass made through the website Mon-Fri and received by 1pm (13h00) will be dispatched that day.
Orders received after this time, and those received on Saturday and Sunday will be sent out on the next working day.
We dispatch orders Mon-Fri, but are unable to dispatch on UK public holidays.

NORMAL ROYAL MAIL DELIVERY – 1st class post within UK (free of charge):

We cannot guarantee the delivery of items dispatched by the normal postal service. You are recommended to choose the Special Delivery option when placing your order.


Guarantees delivery the next working day by 1pm*.
All items delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery must be signed for. Please note that you must be available to sign for your package when it is due to be delivered. If you are not at home, Royal Mail will leave a card so that you can arrange for your package to be re-delivered. We will email you the Royal Mail tracking number for your package but sometimes the information about the status of the delivery on Royal Mail’s website can lag behind the actual progress due to Royal Mail’s tracking system.
Example 1: Order received by 1pm on Monday, dispatched that day by Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day service, arrives the next working day (Tuesday).
Example 2: Order received after 1pm on Monday, dispatched the following day (Tue) by Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day service, arrives the next day (Wed).
Special Delivery (UK) Guaranteed Saturday Delivery is available for orders made on Friday up to 1pm. If this option is not chosen, Special Delivery Next Day will deliver on the next working day ie. Monday.
* To addresses in the UK except northern Scotland, the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.


For delivery to European countries, we advise you to choose the Courier Delivery option. This means that your delivery can be tracked.
For delivery to the “Rest of World” category, courier delivery is strongly recommended. Alternatively, you may find it useful to check on to find any JTB office nearer to you which sells the Japan Rail Pass.
If you have other delivery requirements, please place your Rail Pass order with our staff by phone (tel. 020 8267 1605 Mon-Fri 09:00-17:30) who will be pleased to advise. You can also contact us by email on


from our office in Hammersmith, London W6: this is of course possible, at no charge. In order to avoid delays, please buy your pass online and allow at least 2 hours or wait for our confirmation email before visiting our office to pick up your pass(es). We are located on the 3rd Floor, Horatio House, 77 Fulham Palace Road, not far from Hammersmith tube station. Location map


Japan Rail Passes are priced in Japanese Yen, but must be sold in local currency. We offer prices in GBP Sterling for Japan Rail Passes to the public on our website and by other means. The GBP Sterling prices are set taking into account actual Exchange rates between GBP Sterling and Japanese Yen prevailing at the time, and other factors such as predicted movements of exchange rates, and competitors’ prices. The prices we offer for Japan Rail Passes are reviewed regularly, and can change at any time. When a Rail Pass is purchased through our website, we guarantee to supply the Exchange order(s) for the Rail Pass(es) purchased at the price(s) paid at the time of booking.


Rail Pass Exchange Orders lost in transit cannot be re-issued. Another Exchange Order must be purchased. For this reason, we always recommend the Special Delivery option (Courier Delivery for Rest of World).


If returned to us unused within 12 months of issue, a Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order can be refunded less a cancellation charge of 10% of the face value.

1. A Rail Pass or an Exchange Order is not transferable.
2. You should carry your passport during travel, and be prepared to show it on request.
3. An Exchange Order is refundable within one year of the date of issue from the issuing office. (Validity of an Exchange order is three months from the day of issue)
4. Cancellation charge will be 10% of the value of the Exchange order.
5.Once a Rail Pass is issued, it is refundable if presented at the designated JR Travel Centres listed on the back of the cover before the starting date at 10% of refund charge in Japanese Yen. A Rail Pass is not refundable on or after the starting date.
6. No refund on a Rail Pass can be made in the event of train non operation, delay or the like.
7. Neither an Exchange Order nor a Rail Pass can be reissued if lost or stolen.
8.These and other usage conditions follow the Japan Railways Group passenger transportation regulations and Japanese laws.
9.If you have an Ordinary class Rail Pass and wish to use a Green car seat, you must pay the Green Car charge and the associated Limited Express or Ordinary Express charge.
10. If you have a Green or Ordinary class Rail Pass and wish to use an Ordinary or Green private compartment on a Shinkansen (Bullet train) or Limited Express, a supplement will be charged.
11. Private compartments (Green or Ordinary) are designed to accommodate two or four passengers: in case of under occupancy, in addition to the supplement mentioned above, you must pay child fare for the number of persons missing.
12. If you have a Green type Rail Pass and wish to use a berth on a Limited Express or Ordinary Express sleeping car, you must pay the Limited Express or Ordinary Express charge in addition to the berth charge.
13. If you have a Green type Rail Pass and choose to use an Ordinary seat, you cannot receive a refund of the price difference between a Green car seat and an Ordinary car seat.
14. Regional Passes may be bought and used by non Japanese nationals only. They may not be used by Japanese nationals, even if they are resident abroad.


The eligibility for child price (up to and including 11 years old) is taken from the date on which the Rail Pass Exchange Order is presented in Japan.
Example: Rail Pass Exchange Orders are bought in April, and will be presented in Japan on 15th May, for use in June. If the child’s 12th birthday falls before 15th May, an Exchange Order for the child fare can be bought and used. If the child’s 12th birthday falls on or after 15th May, an Exchange Order for the adult fare must be purchased.
See also Notes regarding use on the official Japan Rail Pass website


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